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Your users almost certainly use at least one of YouTube, Amazon, and Facebook. An essential feature that these big websites share is great search. However, the reason they have great search is because they have hundreds (if not thousands) of people working on it full-time.

What Is Algolia?

Because your users are constantly exposed to great search on these platforms, they expect to find it on every site and application that they use. But your company is not a search company: it doesn’t make sense for you to hire hundreds of developers to reinvent search.

This is where Algolia comes in: we provide software and tools to help you implement efficient, flexible, and insightful search on your sites and applications.

What does Algolia do?

Algolia broadly consists of two parts: search implementation and search analytics. We provide tools that make it easy for your developers to create and maintain great search experiences for your users; and tools for your business teams to analyze the impact of those experiences and refine them, so they can directly address your rapidly evolving business objectives.

Search as a feedback loop

Search has the potential to not only help your business, but also shape it.

To be clear, search doesn’t know the direction that your business should take. However, it can help you gather information on what your customers want, so you can better align your business with your users.

Imagine having a way of asking every single customer who walked into a physical store with all your products, “what are you looking for?” and recording their responses. Rapidly, this would give you a sense of what they’re actually looking for, what they’re not, and how both of these overlap with what you are currently providing.

Algolia lets you immediately start collecting this information on your users.


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