Web based Competition Organizer for Talent shows

The eTalenter app is a web based application developed to allow organizations to hold competitions for cultural or team events.

eTalenter features a host of options that allow the organizers to create a login and manage events. The application enables the organizer to add as many events as required and keep the participants of each event within seperate groups based on criterias such as age. This feature has enabled many organizations such as schools, churches, and companies to successfully manage their cultural events.

The application has been developed by Mr.Justin Jose. The application has received widespread recognition from the mainstream media and on several social media platforms.

Open the application

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  1. Thanks for the post, this web-app is extremely useful for companies to manage their internal events. I would recommend it even if it was a paid services.

    • Joel Philip at 12:45 PM

      Welcome Anish. Keep sharing and contributing to this 👍