Enable nested comments in WordPress Theme👇

Enable nested comments in WordPress Theme👇

In the Settings >> Discussion Screen, there is a options tick box, 'Enable threaded (nested) comments [X] levels deep'. From there you can tick to activate threaded comments and set how many levels deep to a maximum of 10.

You should also check if your theme has the following piece of code, should normally be in the functions.php template of your theme.

Prevent full width inner div from getting cut off when scrolled within parent

Prevent full width inner div from getting cut off when scrolled within parent

Prevent full width inner tag from getting cut off when parent is set to overflow auto.

When the browser window is smaller than the content within a block tag, and you scroll to the right, then scrolled child tag will move left with the rest of the page rather than occupying 100% of the width of the available scroll area.

This scenario is commonly faced by UI developers. The parent tag is set to overflow auto, however the child tag gets cut off when it's width is lesser than the browser view port. This situation can be solved by the use of the following code within the wrapping parent tag.

display: inline-block;
position: relative;
min-width: 100%;
overflow: visible;
Open fiddle
Web based Competition Organizer for Talent shows

Web based Competition Organizer for Talent shows

The eTalenter app is a web based application developed to allow organizations to hold competitions for cultural or team events.

eTalenter features a host of options that allow the organizers to create a login and manage events. The application enables the organizer to add as many events as required and keep the participants of each event within seperate groups based on criterias such as age. This feature has enabled many organizations such as schools, churches, and companies to successfully manage their cultural events. The application has been developed by Mr.Justin Jose. The application has received widespread recognition from the mainstream media and on several social media platforms.

Open the application


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jsGrid – Lightweight Grid jQuery Plugin

jsGrid – Lightweight Grid jQuery Plugin

jsGrid is a lightweight client-side data grid control based on jQuery. It supports basic grid operations like inserting, filtering, editing, deleting, paging, and sorting. jsGrid is flexible and allows to customize its appearance and components.

What jsGrid can do

jsGrid supports data filtering by different criterias.
Data Editing
jsGrid allows to add new records, update, and remove data rows.
jsGrid has a flexible pager allowing to paginate data on the client and on the server side.
jsGrid provides different column types: text, numeric, select, checkbox and more.
Data Sources
jsGrid works with any type of data source from static javascript array to REST-service.


jsGrid supports sorting with user interaction and with api.
jsGrid allows to validate inserting and editing data.
jsGrid is localized to several languages and allows to add custom locales with ease.
jsGrid provides plenty of callbacks to control and customize behavior. Website