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Nidhin Mohan is a Lead UI developer, having more than 8 years of experience in UI-development, who likes to surf a lot on the web for latest technologies and Implement the best suited things into practice. He is passionate about building interactive web interfaces more. SVG animations and Micro interactions are his most interested areas.


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Hi, I am Anish. I am a lead frontend developer who likes to deal with frontend challenges every day to create reusable solutions. Sharing is my motto, hence you will find all my solutions here. I work on Javascript frameworks and started my career playing with HTML, CSS & JQuery.


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Joel is a senior frontend developer who is interested in creating reusable solutions for ever increasing demands on web platforms. He works on Javascript frameworks such as Angular and React. He also prefers to work on creating custom frontend frameworks which can be interfaced with Content management platforms to create vendor agnostic independent web apps.


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Vishnu K S

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