The end of Front-End Development ?

The end of Front-End Development…

I am a front-end developer, will I soon lose my job?

On-Scroll Pixelated Image Loading Effect

On-Scroll Pixelated Image Loading Effect

A recreation of the on-scroll pixelated image loading effect seen on Felicity Ingram’s website.

Textify.js – Scroll Based Text Reveal Animation Library

Textify.js – Scroll Based Text…

Textify.js is a open-source library that allows you to create text animations, and user can modify the animation for themself. check out the documentation for more information. Textify.js is a simple library that works with…

ScrollyVideo.js – Responsive Scrollable Videos

ScrollyVideo.js – Responsive Scrollable Videos

ScrollyVideo.js is a responsive scrollable videos without obscure video encoding requirements. Compatible with React, Svelte, Vue, and plain HTML.

Strapi – Manage Any Content. Anywhere

Strapi – Manage Any Content.…

Strapi is an advanced open-source headless CMS to build powerful API's with no effort. It’s 100% JavaScript, fully customizable and developer-first.

Getting Started with Styled Component

Getting Started with Styled Component

Styled-components is CSS-in-JS styling framework in react. There are many advantages of using Styled components so before jumping into it directly let's see some advantages of it .

Muzli Inspiration – Designers’ Secret Source

Muzli Inspiration – Designers’ Secret…

Muzli instantly delivers cutting-edge design projects and news each time a new tab is open in your browser. Discover the best web design inspiration, best websites, best logos, web trends, best mobiles sites and applications,…

Introducing JSON Hero: an open-source, beautiful JSON viewer for the web that lets you browse, search and navigate your JSON files at speed. 🚀

Introducing JSON Hero: an open-source,…

It's too easy to get lost in a deeply nested document, and you end up having to resort to manually collapsing parts of the hierarchy so you can more easily focus on subset of the…

Locomotive Scroll – Detection of Elements in Viewport & Smooth Scrolling with Parallax

Locomotive Scroll – Detection of…

Locomotive Scroll is a simple scroll library that provides smooth scrolling with support for parallax effects, toggling classes, and triggering event listeners when elements are in the viewport.

Moovie.js – Responsive Movie Focused HTML5 Player

Moovie.js – Responsive Movie Focused…

Moovie.js is a responsive, fully customizable, movie focused HTML5 video player with support for both WebVTT(.vtt) and SubRip(.srt) captions.

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