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Using an SVG sprite icon system in Angular

Using an SVG sprite icon…

Whether it’s icon fonts or SVG sprites you use as icon sets in your application is your decision. However, we’ll cover some advantages that SVG sprites have, but most importantly how you can implement them…

On-Scroll Pixelated Image Loading Effect

On-Scroll Pixelated Image Loading Effect

A recreation of the on-scroll pixelated image loading effect seen on Felicity Ingram’s website.

Textify.js – Scroll Based Text Reveal Animation Library

Textify.js – Scroll Based Text…

Textify.js is a open-source library that allows you to create text animations, and user can modify the animation for themself. check out the documentation for more information. Textify.js is a simple library that works with…

ScrollyVideo.js – Responsive Scrollable Videos

ScrollyVideo.js – Responsive Scrollable Videos

ScrollyVideo.js is a responsive scrollable videos without obscure video encoding requirements. Compatible with React, Svelte, Vue, and plain HTML.

Strapi – Manage Any Content. Anywhere

Strapi – Manage Any Content.…

Strapi is an advanced open-source headless CMS to build powerful API's with no effort. It’s 100% JavaScript, fully customizable and developer-first.

Getting Started with Styled Component

Getting Started with Styled Component

Styled-components is CSS-in-JS styling framework in react. There are many advantages of using Styled components so before jumping into it directly let's see some advantages of it .

Muzli Inspiration – Designers’ Secret Source

Muzli Inspiration – Designers’ Secret…

Muzli instantly delivers cutting-edge design projects and news each time a new tab is open in your browser. Discover the best web design inspiration, best websites, best logos, web trends, best mobiles sites and applications,…

Introducing JSON Hero: an open-source, beautiful JSON viewer for the web that lets you browse, search and navigate your JSON files at speed. 🚀

Introducing JSON Hero: an open-source,…

It's too easy to get lost in a deeply nested document, and you end up having to resort to manually collapsing parts of the hierarchy so you can more easily focus on subset of the…

Canva. Design for everyone.

Canva. Design for everyone.

In a visual world, Canva Pro makes it easy for teams to achieve their collective goals and create professional designs together, with premium features like Brand Kit, Background Remover, and more.

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