Stackbrowser – This is not just a browser

Stackbrowser – This is not…

Stack is not a browser, neither it's just a computer program, but it's an idea, the idea to make our new virtual home pleasant and human

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Webflow – The modern way to build for the web

Webflow – The modern way…

Webflow empowers designers to build professional, custom websites in a completely visual canvas with no code.

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Rapidly build modern websites without ever leaving your HTML.

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Pika – Universal javascript is here

Pika – Universal javascript is…

ES module syntax (ESM) is JavaScript's latest native module system. Officially ratified in 2015, its import/export syntax is more compact, more easily analyzed and more reliably optimized. This all results in smaller, faster JavaScript on…

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Zdog – Round, Flat, Designer-Friendly Pseudo-3D Engine

Zdog – Round, Flat, Designer-Friendly…

Zdog is a 3D JavaScript engine for <canvas> and SVG. With Zdog, you can design and render simple 3D models on the Web. Zdog is a pseudo-3D engine. Its geometries exist in 3D space, but are rendered as…

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Stripe | A complete payments platform‎

Stripe | A complete payments…

Stripe is the best software platform for running an internet business. We handle billions of dollars every year for forward-thinking businesses around the world.

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Artplayer.js – Modern HTML5 Video Player

Artplayer.js – Modern HTML5 Video…

Artplayer.js is a modern and full featured HTML5 video player.

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Hugo – The world’s fastest framework for building websites

Hugo – The world’s fastest…

Hugo is one of the most popular open-source static site generators. With its amazing speed and flexibility, Hugo makes building websites fun again.

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