Hugo – The world’s fastest framework for building websites

Hugo – The world’s fastest…

Hugo is one of the most popular open-source static site generators. With its amazing speed and flexibility, Hugo makes building websites fun again.

Contentful: Content Infrastructure for Digital Teams

Contentful: Content Infrastructure for Digital…

Our content infrastructure enables teams to power content in any digital product: website, app, or device.

Netlify CMS

Netlify CMS

Open source content management for your Git workflow. Use Netlify CMS with any static site generator for a faster and more flexible web project



Building Faster Websites with Grav, a Modern Flat-file CMS

< css-doodle /> – A web component for drawing patterns with CSS

< css-doodle /> – A…

is based on Shadow DOM v1 and Custom Elements v1. You can use it on latest Chrome and Safari right now without polyfills. The component will generate a grid of divs by the rules (plain…

Pico.js – Lightweight JavaScript Face Detection Library

Pico.js – Lightweight JavaScript Face…

pico.js is lightweight face detection library in 200 lines of JavaScript. pico.js has real-time detection capabilities (200+ FPS in a practical setting)

CSS Hacks Targeting Firefox

CSS Hacks Targeting Firefox

Firefox specific styling is now possible with CSS alone. No more JS hacks required.

Blotter.js – JavaScript API for Drawing Unconventional Text Effects

Blotter.js – JavaScript API for…

Blotter is a javascript API for drawing unconventional text effects on the web. Blotter provides a simple interface for building and manipulating text effects that utilize GLSL shaders without requiring that the designer write GLSL.

Marko – Friendly and Fast UI Library from eBay

Marko – Friendly and Fast…

Marko is a friendly and fast UI library that makes building web apps fun.

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