Tent CSS

A CSS survival kit. Includes only the essentials to make camp.

About Tent CSS

Sleeping in a tent is certainly not a luxurious experience. It is rugged and rudimentary, but it provides the basic necessities needed for survival.

Pulling inspiration from outdoor survival, Tent CSS is unglamorously simple and robust. The framework is designed to be used as a foundation for building websites. We’ll leave application and kitchen sink development to other frameworks.

With zero Javascript dependencies, Tent CSS is as the name says, just CSS (Sass too). So yeah, you’re not going to see fancy components like tab drawers, accordions, and carousels in this framework. As most development goes, you usually already have a go-to favorite in mind for these more complex components anyways.

Browser Support

Tent CSS uses autoprefixer to make most modern features compatible with many older browser versions. This framework may not be best suited for you if you are looking to support legacy browsers.

  • Chrome v21+
  • Firefox v28+
  • Safari v6.1+
  • Edge
  • Internet Explorer 11

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